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A vision for the future for open source WebAR

WebARkit was born because we wants take the best from the open source WebAR and push it to a new level. Actually the ARtoolkit project is dead, and his successor ARtoolkitX is not so much web friendly: Jsartoolkit5 is the javascript port of ARtoolkit and ARtoolkitX.js the corresponding version for ARtoolkitX. We want to develop a newer version derived from the two in a smarter sdk especially designed for javascript.

We like the idea to augment almost any image you want, for this reason we will start by image tracking with NFT technology to face tracking, hand tracking and other technologies.

With the WebARStudio editor will be possible in few clicks of the mouse share a full WebAR app, this is our main idea and goal. if you are a web developer, AR lover or a visual artist follow us in the development of our open source project, we will regularly share our progress on this page and on our Twitter account @WebarkitO. If you are interested to contribute to the project join the group in the slack channel.

More to comeā€¦